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   High Mountain Designs, LLC is a website development firm committed to building well-designed and optimized web sites for our clients. Since most first-time and many return visits come via relevant search results, we want you to be found at the highest possible search engine results position.
   Many of the sites on the web today have taken months to be indexed by Google, Bing, and Yahoo and many pages will never be high enough in the results to be of any help to the web site owners. Don't get me wrong, not everyone can be number 1, but there are things that can be done in the web design process to help. Many times the problem is just general sloppiness, and the "don't care as long as I get paid for it " attitude of some web design people. Others may just not be familiar with what is necessary to get a site to perform as expected. And some may use programs or software that does not provide for complete control of all aspects of the website.

   The idea of "optimization" has been largely ignored by some when building a site because of the time it takes to be sure you have everything right. There is no secret or magic to web design and promotion, it's just taking the time to do what should be done before the new site ever goes live, and then keeping up with the occasional changes in the search engines search characteristics. Short of paid inclusions, paid keywords, and pay-per-click, there's no guarantee that any of the search sites and directories will include your website no matter what you do, and the paid method isn't entirely foolproof either.
   Here at High Mountain Designs, we try to make the sites attractive and informative without a lot of "Flash", animations, ads, and pop-ups that tend to turn the search engines, customers, or both away. We want to provide internet marketing strategies to help your business succeed.

   If you're in need of a web site or need a non-productive site evaluated as to possible problems and solutions, please contact me.

   Need a responsive website that will look good on all devices, or an Android App for your business? Contact me today to discuss your options.
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2014 Galax VA Brst of Internet Marketing Award.